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Rice Husk Pillow and Matress

Rice husk pillow, rice husk neck collar pillow, rice husk matress that can reduce the stress on neck, shoulder and back subsequently reduce the chronic neck and back pains, these organic pillows traditionally used by indians from thousand of years. These products are excusively manufactured by saveglobe

Tote Bags and Back Packs

These Ecofriendly tote bags are Made with natural cotton canvas with no chemicals and toxins added, and yes you can reduce almost 500gms of plastic usage. Backpack is fully padded with 3mm thick natural coir cushion to resist any shock for to be cared

Ecofriendly Travel and Laptop Bags

Ecofriendly laptop bags, laptop backpacks, canvas tote bags, canvas mobile pouch bags, duffle bags, lunch bags, back packing, travel bags, adventure bags, vegetable bags, multi pouch bags, kora cotton bags. our ecofriendly canvas designed inhouse with the team of expert designers and branded under saveglobe brand. our range of bags include for Men, Women and kids.

Natural Thermo Bag

Ecofriendly Thermo bag is ecofriendly thermo bags which can keep hot or cold items intact for more than 4 hours and best suitable for travelling and no more drinking melted plastic water in your travel. these thermo bags are made of 100% natural maaterial including the thermal insulation made of rice husk which is proprietory to SaveGlobe.

Daaham – An Ecofriendly Water Bag – Made in India.

Daaham – An Ecofriendly Water Bag which cares you with naturally chilled water. – 100% pure cotton canvas – Made in India. Designed on contemporary basis for the best usage of any outdoor purpose like travelling, adventure, trekking, camping etc. Our specially designed two step process for car mount makes daaham as easiest option to mount or demount for any car ( except Sedan cars and cars without Boot open option).

Bamboo Products

Bamboo Products is perfect replacement with your ceramic or plastic cups in your office and home. These ecofriendly mugs are reusable. This will be right choice on your office table or at home.Healthier too…………

Bamboo Products includes Jug, Mug, Tea Cup / Coffee Cup, Tumbler / Glass.

Cloth Bags / Cotton Bags / Kora Cloth Bags / Canvas Bags / Jute Bags

Replace Plastic bags, Made from pure cotton which is a natural biodegradable material. Can be purchased in different designs and different sizes and different occassions. We manufacture Cotton Cloth bags, Canvas Bags, Kora Cloth Bags, Jute Bags with customized sizes with custom prints. we undertake bulk orders.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery

We supply range of ecofriendly biodegradable wooden disposable cutlery which includes wooden Spoon, wooden Knife, wooden Fork, wooden Spork etc. Ecofriendly disposable spoons biodegradable spoons wooden spoons

Biodegradable Disposable Tableware

We are the best supplier of bagasse products in india, operating from bangalore. Sugarcane bagasse products are perfect solution for biodegradable food packaging which are environment friendly. these eco friendly food containers are very easy for food take aways which why is they are called as green food packaging or biodegradable disposable take aways. These no plastic food containers not help nature but also our health too.

Sugarcane baggase biodegradable dinnerware

Areca Compostable dinnerware

Compostable / PLA products

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Ecofriendly Travel Bags

We deal with range of ecofriendly Travel Bags / Back Packs / Hiking and Trekking Bags and customised based on the requirements. Perfectly suits to all kinds of travelling and also comes in water proof canvas range. We deal in Pan india level and you can buy Online india in the below link. we undertake bulk orders.

Cloth Shopping Bags and Tourist Bags

Biodegradable waste bags

ecofriendly disposable bags

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Eboo – Natural Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

who knows a bamboo can amplify the sound with bass. Introducing handcrafted Eboo bamboo speaker amplifier, a natural wonder and an ecofriendly and sustainable product. It not only amplifies the sound from your mobile it also acts as docking station for your phone and you don't forget your phone anymore.
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Bamboo speaker online india

Eco friendly speaker produts online india

portable speaker amplifier

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Biodegrdable Coconut Coir Products

Coir Pot is a biodegradable cultivation pot made of plant(CoConut) fibers. It has exceptionally high permeability to water, air and roots. Coir Pots are used by those looking for faster cultivation, an excellent root system and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting.
Can be purchased in different sizes (volumes) and in a form suitable for either manual or automated soil filling.

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CocoWash - Ecofriendly utensil Scrubber

Natural Utensil Scrubber made of ecofriendly coconut coir which is best suitable to get perfect cleaned utensils and also soft on hands.

Loofah - Ridge Gourd Bath Scrubber

This organic ecofriendly bath scrub is soft on skin and rejunevates the skin as it doesnt contain any chemicals and 100% natural

Reusable Wooden Cups and Mugs

we manufacture range of wooden coffee cups, coffee mugs, beer mugs which are ecofriendly and wood is wood is sourced from managed plantations. These wooden products are 100% environment friendly, durable, safe, healthier too.

Copper bottled water dispenser jar

4 Liter storage tank made of Copper and highly durable to hold weight of filled up 20 - 25 liter water jar.

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