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#lets go eco.
Traditionally Rice Husk  pillow is used to reduce Neck and Shoulder pain in india. and may considered as one of the best pillow for neck pain in india.
Save Globe's Rice Husk Pillow is a product that upholds, Mother Nature's secret that promotes a restful and peaceful sleep.

These pillows are made using 100% pure natural rice husk which is thoroughly cleansed and treated through multiple processes to ensure the highest quality.


Be part of #Anti Plastic Revolution.

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Product Description

This eco friendly rice husk pillow is more organic in nature and made of naturally processed and cleansed with natural material and having very similar properties of buchwheat Hull pillow.

This eco friendly pillow enables you to feel and experience the difference compared to the usage of an ordinary synthetic polyester pillows. Although the foam and polyester pillows retain their shape, they fail to accommodate personal needs regarding support to the neck and shoulders. The rice husk pillows are durable and stay in shape for longer duration than most other conventional pillows.

You will experience the benefits of sleeping on a this eco friendly rice husk pillow as it automatically conforms and moulds to the shape of your head and neck during various sleeping positions and allows natural airflow throughout the night, so that you wake up feeling refreshed and pleasant.

You can adjust the position, loft, and firmness of this organic pillow according to your personal preference, so that your neck and shoulders are completely supported and rested. You can place your weight on this firm pillow and relax your back-muscles with comfort. The comfort levels that you feel after using this pillow will subsequently prevent you to choose any other types of pillows. these pillows give best support to neck and shoulders ergonomically.

These pillows are covered with zipped covers which are made of durable and canvas cotton fabric, fit into standard pillow cases, and are washable.

Traditionally indians used these Eco-friendly hull pillows to reduce stress on neck susequently reduces neck pain and may considered as one of the best pillow for neckpain in india.

these rice husk pillows can be bought online in india here.


Size : 60 cm(w) * 45cm(h)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 43 x 12 x 28 cm

7 reviews for SaveGlobe’s Eco Friendly Rice Husk Pillow

  1. 5 out of 5


    I believe in writing a review when my heart really really says so.. Got my husk pillow in the morning today and I am a 35 yr old jumping and waiting for dusk. :D :D The sight and touch of my husk pillow put me straight away into my beautiful childhood. vrooom!! into the past :P. The days we played with those pillows, fought with those, it used to serve as a cushion on my rope swing hung to a mango tree... aaah! I love it!! Apart from the nostalgic connect that was revived, its so flexible and takes the perfect shape required for good neck support and a happy sleep. Buy it to know it! Thanks to SaveGlobe for its wonderful products. You guys made my day for sure!
  2. 5 out of 5


    I usually don’t prefer pillows because of its softness and changes my neck position more often in the sleep. But I have started using Rice Husk pillow and found a lot difference between the regular pillows and Rice Husk pillow. Rice Husk pillow doesn’t change your neck position and allows you to make any size as you want. While I am working with my laptop I allow rice husk to set all in one place within the pillow and set it on my back in sitting position either on bed or on sofa or on chair, so that it will give me enough support to rest my back on it. While I am sleeping I will make the rice husk to scatter uniformly within the pillow because I do not prefer high neck pillows. In all the cases I really loved this product because it takes the position as you desired and doesn’t lose its shape until you change it!!
  3. 5 out of 5


    Recently i bought this Rice Husk pillow from Save Globe. This pillow is quite innovative and totally different from normal pillows which are available in the market. I have started using this pillow quite recently and it positions the neck properly and reduces the subtle movements of the neck position and there by reduces the neck pain. I was searching for this kind of product for sometime and found that Save Globe has come up with an innovative product and which is totally Eco friendly. I totally recommend this product for people ailing from neck pain and you will start seeing the results.
  4. 5 out of 5


    It's really a life changer for one's who starts day with neck pain..I started using this from past 3 days and feel like nothing is best than this pillow as it helps to settle the moment of your neck while sleeping in any position and now my mornings are amazing and active ..thanks to save globe for this innovative thought you came with. I really suggest everyone who suffer neck pains and also for one's who have habit of folding pillows and use double pillows for neck support to go with this Rice Husk Pillow..and you will feel the change just like I felt
  5. 5 out of 5


    Rice husk pillow from SaveGlobe is a constant companion now for uninterrupted sleep as well as for keeping neck pain at bay. Kudos to its makers and the way they have made the invisible mother nature's hand palpable through this product.
  6. 5 out of 5


    Long hours of driving and sitting, I often end up with a neck pain. I found the pillows in good hotels were cozy and comfy and reduce the neck pain. When I tried to buy something similar, they turned out to be very expensive. Rice husk pillows for the best and cheapest alternative. They are firm and stiff unlike the cotton ones and smoother compared to coir. Also it gets warm which also helps the neck. Great product from team Save Globe
  7. 5 out of 5


    This Rice Husk pillow is an awesome product. I am getting enough sleep comfortably. Exceptional product with value for money.

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