SaveGlobe’s Eco Friendly Rice Husk Pillow
SaveGlobe’s Eco Friendly Rice Husk Pillow
#lets go eco.
Traditionally Rice Husk  pillow is used to reduce Neck and Shoulder pain in india. and may considered as one of the best pillow for neck pain in india.
Save Globe's Rice Husk Pillow is a product that upholds, Mother Nature's secret that promotes a restful and peaceful sleep.
These pillows are made using 100% pure natural rice husk which is thoroughly cleansed and treated through multiple processes to ensure the highest quality.   Be part of #Anti Plastic Revolution. *click on the image for full view *Price is inclusive of delivery charges with in India. *Currently we deliver only with in India. *Image is only for informative purpose - not to be measured. *For exports please contact us at [video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video]  
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