Concept on Bio Polymers

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Bio polymers Biopolymers also called renewable polymers. Some biopolymers- such as (PLA), naturally occurring zein, and poly-3-hydroxybutyrate can be used as plastics, replacing the need for polystyrene or polyethylene based plastics. Some plastics are now referred to as being ‘degradable’, … Continued

What is Plastic Pollution

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The distribution of plastic debris is highly variable as a result of certain factors such as wind and ocean currents, coastline geography, urban areas, and trade routes. Human population in certain areas also plays a large role in this. Plastics … Continued

Total plastic ban in Karnataka

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he State Government on March 11 issued an official gazette notification stating a complete and total ban on plastic and all plastic and thermacol products in the State. The notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, will … Continued

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