Reversing Cavities Naturally – A write up from a mother’s diary

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Have you ever heard about reversing cavities naturally? At least I hadn’t till 3 years ago. My daughter is 5 years old now, 3 years ago when she just had turned 2 she got a cavity in-between her two-upper front tooth. I took her to dentist immediately and the dentist mentioned it as Baby bottle tooth decay and referred her to child dentistry, that took a little while but by then it had started spreading to the other upper front tooth as well.

Reversing cavities naturally
Reversing cavities naturally

As a sensible mother I had never given chocolates, sodas or junk foods to my daughter at that tender age. But the one thing with which she got cavities was milk with sugar and especially through the continuous use of bottle feeding while making her sleep. I was having an easy way to make her sleep, but never realized that it could lead to such an adversity.

We got an appointment in the Department of Child dentistry, but I guess there was a long waiting time and we had to wait for 3 weeks more for the appointment. In the meantime, I was feeling helpless, the cavity was spreading even after taking all the precautionary measures like brushing twice, stopping the intake of sugars etc. I was in total panic, was having sleepless nights, I was freaking out at the thought of how much in pain my little one could be if it starts spreading rapidly.

By luck I stumbled on an article regarding the research done by Dr. Price (Sorry I am unable to figure out the exact link of the article). The gist of the article as I remember was Dr.Price’s son expired during certain dental surgeries. Post this incident Dr.Price did lot of research and found that there are certain natural ways to reverse tooth cavities as well. He prepared certain dietary protocols for kids having cavities and in a month 90% of the cavities had reversed.

When I looked at his dietary protocols, it included mainly a healthy diet that I already was giving to my daughter like having nutrient rich food, freshly prepared home food, fruits, 2 glasses of milk per day etc but there were two things that I wasn’t giving to my daughter and they were bone broth and cod liver oil. I immediately thought of adding these two into my daughter’s diet.

At the mere thought of reversing cavities naturally even my husband laughed at me and said it is impossible, but as a mother I wanted to do anything and everything to help my little one. I checked the recipes for preparing bone broth on youtube and we ordered cod liver oil online.

Thankfully within exactly 2 weeks even before we visited the child dentistry, I could notice her teeth re-mineralize and cavities healing. But of course, as she is growing big it is becoming a tough task for me to keep her away from chocolates and biscuits and now even after 3 years, I regularly take her to the dentist, though a complete remineralization hasn’t taken place but her cavities have stopped spreading and overall she has a good oral health.

Pavani Yatham