Saveglobe’s article in New Indian Express. Join us in antiplastic revolution.

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Beyond plastic
Name: PVS Suhasan Reddy and Harika Meka | Location: Bengaluru
PVS Suhasan Reddy and Harika Meka have been on their ‘say no to plastic’ mission since 2011. “When my wife and I started seeing a surge in the use of plastics, we left our jobs to conduct awareness drives. Then, when people started asking ‘If not plastic, what else?’, we began working on alternatives,” explains Reddy. Thanks to the MBA graduates’ e-store, SaveGlobe, they’ve been getting invites from corporate houses, hotels and food vendors to discuss greener ways of doing business. The store sells eco-friendly, biodegradable food packaging, kitchenware, flower pots, shopping bags and more. While their food packets are made from sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fibre, they also sell plates and bowls crafted from rice husk. Now they have aline of edible spoons and forks fashioned from wheat, cornstarch and water, and baked. In the coming months, they want to replace plastic garbage bin liners with those made from wood cellulose and kraft paper. Details:

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