Saveglobe’s article in Eenadu. Join us in antiplastic revolution.

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  1. Supriya reddy Pernamitta

    Really you people are doing great job mam/sir. I recommemd these products for our mother earth.. I support your saveglobe.. Hats- off to all, who are a part of this organization.. Thank you for Eco friendly products…

  2. Great job,Thank you for the products.

  3. sampath

    I am really fascinated after reading your article in Very very inspiring story for younger generation. I want to be a part of your organization that builds better society.

  4. Suresvari Puri

    Unfortunately I could not read article, any English version? Good catalogue tho! Please add Bio(degradeable) Plastic bags for green disposal to your list. You must look into this. I can guide you. India needs it. Too much plastic goes in Landfill OM NAMO NARAYAN!