Who Killed the Giant Male Whale?? You don’t believe it is just a COMMON MAN!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is the story, on how can this happen…..!!

Who Killed this Giant Male Whale?? … You don’t believe it is just a common man!!!!!!!!!!

This incident took place at Netherlands…

This Whale was living happily with his family in his own marine world, but one day it washed up on the shores of Netherlands …. When this Whale was first discovered it was still alive, the rescuers tried their best to survive the sea animal until its last breath. But their efforts were lost in vain!!

Thousands have flocked to the shore with curious and anxiety to see the dead Whale. Each person started his own story on the death of the Whale. But nobody knows the truth that what exactly caused for its death or who killed this Giant Whale.

For the people over there it is common to see the Whales alive on the shores and when they put them back into the sea they were dead within no matter of days.

Finally Scientist came into picture and they started analyzing the root cause. Because this was not first time for them to see any Whale washed up on the shores alive and finally dead!!

Lately scientists opened up the can of worms on the reason of the Giant Whale’s premature death:

They said the Whale’s death was not natural, it was killed!! And the Killer was none other than common man… Everyone was shocked when they got more insights on the Whales death in the Ocean.

Scientists found 37 pounds of plastic in the Whale’s bloated stomach, and also found car spare parts, nine meters of ropes (fishing nets), and two hosepipes etc.,

Plastic kills whale
Plastic kills whale

As long as common man use the plastic and do not recycle or reuse the plastic properly, the waste materials are dumped in crores of tons into the Ocean. The innocent marine animals consume our waste especially the plastic which they cannot digest and the plastic sits in the animal stomach that leads to intestinal blockage..!

Almost 80% of the waste comes from land to the Oceans, which means in general every one of us are contributing equal share for the death of these sea animals and also polluting the Oceans.

Let us all reduce the usage of plastic as much as we can and at the same time let us give very high importance for waste segregation, so that all your plastics will be recycled. Kindly ensure you follow the solid waste management and ensure the products and the wastes you dispose are biodegradable and compostable. If they are not compostable or do not biodegrade then they should go for recycling. Avoid or reduce your contribution to landfills and Ocean.

And let us 100% avoid usage of those plastics which cannot be reused or recycled. Just before disposing your plastic waste please imagine how much the innocent marine animals might have taken the pain for the negligence of COMMON MAN!!!

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NGC – March 16th 2106

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