What is Biodegradable

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Biodegradable means in simple and short it is the process of biological organisms break down in to elements into simple composites like Biomass (a mix of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen), Water (H2O) and Carbon dioxide (CO2 ). There are various beings or organisms including bacteria, worms, insects and fungi that play decent role in bio degradation. Warm temperature and as well wet environments will work best for bio-degradation.

On this Earth every living and non-living thing will biodegrade in its own timeline, all particles will break down into its component parts. However the time period varies widely. Natural products like fruits, vegetables, papers, cotton, wool or any other natural products may take week time to biodegrade in to nature or it may take few months’ time. But whereas, any product made by human, will take longer time to breakdown into molecules or fully compostable or biodegrade into nature The natural products like fruits and vegetables are unprocessed items so it will take shorter span to biodegrade but the processed items will take longer time to decompose. So they are called as non-biodegradable as they require compostable conditions to get biodegrade. For ex: Silicon or Aluminum will take several years to decompose and researchers say that plastic may take more than 5000 years to decompose.

Biodegradable means the products that take little time to decompose with no external influence under certain environmental conditions. But we see now days a product that take longer time to biodegrade or a product that requires compostable conditions to decompose are also marketed as Biodegradable products in the market.
A product that is easily biodegradable may not decompose easily in landfill because of lack of oxygen, water and other microorganisms which are necessary for biodegradation. So public should understand the importance of waste segregation while trashing their regular home waste and kitchen waste. Garden waste may take longer period to decompose in landfills but where if the garden waste is segregated and composted at certain environmental conditions it will get easily biodegradable and in return it will become manure to their own garden.